Sunday, 5 February 2017

Yesterday I went back in time

Hi there,

Yesterday I went back in time, well, not in real life, but I decided to colour up the July 2015 pencil class, which I've had my eyes on for ages.

Between Bingo games at Kit and Clowder yesterday (one of which I was lucky to win a $15 gift card to Scrappers Delights), I thought it would be nice to do this particular class. The image is Hydrangea Fairy by Yampuff, whose images I love. I have a thing for hydrangeas - have had it for years - and this class also contained a hydrangea flower.

There were many different techniques such as blending with odourless alcohol, transparent colouring, skin, hair, water, raindrops etc. etc..

I was asked to make a few sneak peaks of my progress, so you'll get them here as well.

Sneak peak no. 1

I finished colouring the skin, which was difficult in places as there was not much space for 5 different colours, but it turned out quite all right, I think.

Sneak peak no. 2

Here I'd finished the girl (except her eyes and the flower and butterfly in her hair). I'd started on the hydrangea with only one layer beneath her wings, and more layers on the parts not under the wings. I thought the yellow colour was quite dominant at this stage, that's why I only coloured some of them before taking this photo. Sometimes you need to see things on the screen to decide how it's really looking. I'm sure you know what I mean. So I left the project, went to bed and continued this morning. 

Sneak peak no 3 

Eyes and butterfly are now completed (flower in her hair is in the finished photo). The leaves have now been coloured + the raindrops - I loved doing those and the ladybug as well. You can see structure on her wings now and still see the hydrangea petals beneath.

Finished project

Tada!!!!! Finished! I LOVE how the sky turned out. The blending is perfect due to the odourless alcohol. Maybe I should use this in the future, it's not so hard on my hands as when I have to blend with a pencil.  
I think the ripples turned out all right, or maybe they could have been a little more oval. The ground - hmmm - I'm not sure what I think about that. I have nothing to compare with, but should it not have been more blue, as it is water she's sitting in?

Anyway, I really, really enjoyed colouring this with my FC Polychromos, and have many more classes to finish, not to mention the marker classes and my technique classes, but at least I've started and will try to catch up. It could be a larger bite, than I can chew, but it doesn't have to be finished tomorrow LOL. 

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Be happy crafting!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Kit and Clowder January 2017 Pencil Class

Hi there,

I'm so proud of myself - well, I really shouldn't be, it should be obvious, but somethings just aren't. I've finished my third Create and Learn class third month in a row!!!

I'm one of these persons that cannot start on a project and then walk away and continue the next day. When I start a colouring project, I need to finish it the same day, and it does take a few hours to these classes, as they are multi layered.

I think I've done myself a huge favour by unsubscribing from some TV packages to get more me time now. I'll love to spend more time on colouring, reading and gardening (from spring - autumn) and not least on my long walks to continue strengthening my back.

Well, back to my January pencil class, here it is:

I love Molly Harrisons images and have a few of them and one of her Whimsical colouring books as well.

My challenge here was to blend the background so it looked smooth (I tried on thicker paper first and had to discard it, as the tooth was too much for my hands). The real life image transitions look not as harsh as on the photo. 

At first I thought "is she carrying the owl?" because I couldn''t see any legs due to the folds in her dress, then I noticed the claws on the branch, but still I missed to see the legs, so I prefer to think that her dress is covering them. Having seen more images in the album in Kit and Clowder, I now know where the legs are, so I might do the image again some time with other background colours and start with the legs, so I don't miss them a second time :-).

I really love the way the moon and its surroundings turned out. Never in a million years would I have been able to do it this way, if I hadn't taken these classes. 

I know it seems like a lot of work to make this project, but it really is quite easy, and I can assure you that you'll be able to make it the first time you try, if you follow the instructions in the booklet or the accompanying video. I cannot recommend the Kit and Clowder group and colouring classes enough. Not only do you learn to colour, you also get a second family. Everybody is really supportive and helpful not only regarding colouring, but also if you need help in any way. And Alyce of course, who spend all her time on our classes, games, book clubs, personal feed back when we upload our images in the classrooms etc. etc. is quite awesome. 

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Be happy crafting!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

4 year Birthday Bash - Besties International

Hi there,

I just saw that the Besties International is celebrating their 4th birthday this month and has a big celebration challenge, so I thought I'd enter into the challenge using this project I finished during this week.


I have made the project for a special occassion, which I cannot reveal at this point, but since nobody know yet, that I've made it, I find it ok to enter the challenge. 

I've used a digi, which you can find here  it is called IMG180, but when I bought and downloaded it, it was called IMG1791. She's printed a bit bigger than I usually do. 

As she's out skiing, I've placed her on a hill/mountain (whichever you prefer LOL), decorated it with some trees and just for fun added som wildlife in the form of two deer. 

It was really fun putting this together. I love challenging my imagination and although it's way to big to put on a card, greetings can be written on the backside.

I'm entering the project into these challenges:


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Be happy crafting!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Kit and Clowder December 2016 class

Hi there,

First of all Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a really nice evening, and I wish you all the very best for 2017.

I did it again! Managed to make the December 2016 class before the January 2017 class is released! I'm so proud of myself, that's two months in a row I've kept up with classes - and I hope I can keep up this tendency LOL.

This time the image used is Ballerina by Stamp Anniething and the free background stamps that comes with the image. Then you just merge the two, print and start colouring.

Isn't she lovely? I've coloured her with my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, which I love to use. They are hard on my hands, but I don't care, I love colouring, and being taught how to use them properly is awesome. 

I'm often amazed of what techniques I'm learning. Alyce Keegan is an awesome teacher and Kit and Clowder the right place to be if you need support from a great group of people.

I had a few issues as my white pens wouldn't work for the dots and stars, so I tried my Pergamano ink, which also didn't work as the ink wouldn't leave the nib. I ended up buying the thinnest Poska pen there is (0,7) and it was awesome for the dots, but the stars, well, they're ok, but a bit big. 

The part of the floor that is totally outside the spotlight should have been a little bit darker, but I was afraid to keep putting layers on (there's two more layers there than on the darkest part in the spotlights). 

I totally enjoyed colouring this scene (litterally, this scene LOL) and learning the new techniques, and I hope that you like what you see too. 

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Be happy crafting!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Kit and Clowder November 2016 class

Hi there,

As usual time is flying and too long time has passed since I last posted in here. I've practically not coloured much since my birthday in late August as I've been really busy with other things, and I do miss it. I hope 2017 will be a better colouring year for me.

Last weekend I took some badly needed ME-time and coloured up the November 2016 pencil class from Kit and Clowder. Should you ever want to learn to colour with either markers (different kinds are mentioned in class) or pencils (also different kinds are mentioned), this is definitely the place to learn. The classes contains both video instructions as well as a booklet.

Alyce Keegan - the owner of Kit and Clowder - offers feedback on ALL images to students in her classes, whether projects from class or not, in which she offer you great advice, gives tips and tricks etc.. Her facebook group is awesome, everybody are so supportive and we help each other with everything.

Well, back to my image of the Christmas mouse:

I know, I know, there's room for improvement in my colouring - and that being said, I AM a student and still very much learning. But I'm really content with my mouse and very proud of myself for having tackled this image. There are so many techniques involved, but it's not impossible for a newbie either to make just as good or even better. 

If you cannot see it, let me explain: You are looking from the outside and in through a frozen window, where you see the mouse sitting on a bauble on a Christmas Tree (the green behind him). 
When I was a child a long time ago, I remember seeing icing on the inside of a window, and if you wanted to look out you breathed on the window and then wiped the ice off when it melted. Can you see, where I'm going? 

I have coloured him with my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, which I truly love using. 

The photo isn't the best due to the rather dark daylight up here in Denmark at the moment, so the picture is looking more blue than it is in real life. I'm sorry about that, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it this time of year. 

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Be happy crafting!